Julie Stower

Julie2 - CopyJulie founded Health Concepts in 2001, one of the first clinics of its kind in the area, with a vision for a clinic that was client focussed, welcoming and incorporated multiple therapies. With over 20 years of experience in the Natural Therapies industry, Julie has always been intrigued by how we function. “I feel privileged to see the depth of people and be able to help them to resolve their issues”.

Julie’s treatments include Holographic Kinetics; Kinesiology; Deep Tissue, Relaxation & Hot Stone Massage; Jaw R.E.S.E.T & Foot Joint Mobilisation.

Her passion however is with Holographic Kinetics, “Working with this modality I have seen fast and positive change within my clients and lives transformed”.

Julie is available for appointments at Health Concepts Tuesday through Saturday.

Danielle Walker

Danielle - CopyDanielle is one of our highly experienced Remedial Massage Therapists. Qualified with a Cert IV and Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2011, Danielle’s massage techniques include: remedial, deep tissue, sports, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy & hot stone. Danielle has also completed short courses for Cupping, Ear Candling, Jaw R.E.S.E.T, Foot Joint Mobilisation and Kinesiology taping.

Danielle is most passionate about deep tissue massage for the treament’s ability to reach the deepest layers of muscle to alleviate pain in the joints, ligaments and muscles.

Danielle’s main goal when working with clients is to assist in pain relief and discomfort in a safe and relaxed environment. She feels a “maintenance massage” is essential to help live a happy and healthy life as it can reduce stress from our busy lives and keep muscles loose to avoid injury or tension.

Danielle is available for appointments at Health Concepts Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Anthony Burton

Anthony BurtonAnthony is one of our highly experienced and qualified massage therapists. With over 20 years of practise, his expertise and knowledge of a wide variety of massage techniques is a result of years spent studying and working on cruise ships and in clinics and spas all over the world including England, America and Australia. His Australian qualifications include a Cert IV and Diploma of Remedial massage at ACNT and NSW School of Massage in Sydney.

Anthony’s experience involves Remedial, Sports, Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stone, & Rehabilitation Massages, Exfoliation and Body Wraps.

One of his favourite treatments is Rehabilitation Massage; which helps to reduce pain from injuries, amputations and strokes. Anthony’s aim is to provide his clients with a treatment plan suitable for their needs and concerns.

Anthony is available for appointments at Health Concepts Tuesdays and alternate Saturdays.

Julie Evans

Julie Evans - CopyJulie Evans is passionate about delivering Counselling for her client’s that supports their self-awareness and personal insights. Julie believes while sharing your problems and ‘getting worries off your chest’ is therapeutic in itself, the addition of therapeutic activities makes for worthwhile and productive counselling sessions. Whilst specialising in creative approaches, Julie’s counselling style is interactive, allowing her client’s the opportunity to explore their own answers to hard issues, with sessions being somewhat self – directive but genuinely supportive.

Qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (Counselling) and Diploma in Child, Youth & Family Intervention and registered with the Queensland Counselling Association, Julie actively attends professional development ensuring her skills, knowledge and strategies remain current.

Julie works with children, youth, individuals or couples and is happy to do one-off sessions if you just want a shoulder to lean on for an hour.

Julie is available for appointments at Health Concepts at various times throughout the week including after hours.

Agimary Joseph

agi-busi 001Agimary has almost 20 years of experience as a Homeopath and working in the Natural Therapies industry. Agimary’s knowledge base is extensive and she is dedicated to providing the most modern, expert homeopathic treatments possible to achieve the most optimal health naturally.

Agimary is fully qualified and registered with the Australian Register of Homeopaths. She believes in managing health issues naturally with an integrative approach to health and healing. Agimary promises to assist her client’s to reach their health goals through long lasting improvements to health, vitality & sense of wellbeing.

Agimary is available for appointments at Health Concepts on Mondays.

Louwrens MaritzLouwrens Maritz

Louwrens is a fully qualified Smart Bowen & Bowtech Bowen Therapist and certified Emmett Practitioner, registered with the BAA and BTFA.

He is professional and dedicated to his practice and to helping people. He takes great pride and responsibility in the quality of service that he provides. With his extensive knowledge of the body and experience in real world application, he has a successfull history of assisting many ailments for a huge variety of clients.  He is passionate about continued development of his skills through further education in advanced courses and training whenever possible. Louwrens is also a teacher and trainer of Smart Bowen.

Louwrens is available for Bowen and Emmett Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage appointments at Health Concepts Wednesdays and Fridays.