Essential Oils

At Health Concepts we promote using natural remedies in conjunction with traditional medicine wherever possible to support your health and wellbeing.

We have partnered with doTERRA as we feel their approach to healthy living supports our philosophy. Having used essential oils for many years, we appreciate doTERRA’s high quality and integrity.

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Extracted during a careful distillation process, essential oils have long been used for many practices including, beauty treatment, health-care and emotional support, and cleaning.

We hold free Essential Oils classes designed to introduce you to the wonder of essential oils, how you can use them in your home as low toxin solutions to household cleaners, first aid alternatives, natural health support, and beauty products, as well as the many emotional benefits using essential oils offer. To attend our next class please scroll further down the page or contact us for more information.

If you would like to start using essential oils in your home, we offer a number of ways you can do this:

  • Purchase at Retail prices through the clinic or via our online retail page – click ‘Shop’
  • Purchase at Wholesale prices (25% off RRP) and have your oils delivered directly to your door
    • Attend one of our classes to learn more
    • Book a 1:1 wellness consultation
    • Create your order through our online store (instructions here)
    • Offers the option to receive free products

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Everyday Family Wellness – wellness for the whole family

For more information click here

Come along to this introductory workshop and learn ways you can support your family’s wellness naturally.

More and more people are using essential oils as their secret weapon for natural alternatives for boosting their family’s health and wellness.

Essential oils may be used to transform your health, your mood and your home – in a safe, natural, affordable and effective way.

Join Casandra Smith, a Wellness Advocate and Mum, for this fun and interactive workshop where she will share with you how she uses essential oils in her home to support her family all year round. Learn how to easily integrate essential oils into your day to day life, for a healthy and happy home – the natural way.

Throughout the class you will learn how doTERRA certified pure tested grade essential oils can be used to:
+ Improve overall wellness
+ Relieve common household ailments
+ Boost your body’s natural defence systems
+ Promote relaxation and restful sleep
+ Soothe the body
+ Replace toxic household cleaning products
+ Create your own personal care items
+ Support emotional health for adults and children
+ Add extra flavour and health benefits to snacks and cooking

You will also learn:
+ What are essential oils
+ How they can be used
+ How to safely use them for the whole family
+ What are the top 10 oils for the household, how to use them and why
+ Solutions for a low toxin home
+ How to purchase at wholesale prices

This educational workshop is designed to empower you in taking a proactive and powerful approach to your health and wellbeing. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the oils on the day and I will provide tea and essential oil infused treats for you to enjoy.

Bring a friend along and enjoy a great workshop together.
Please register your attendance as tea & snacks will be provided.

You will receive a free DIY home recipes booklet for attending to be able to make your own cleaners, easily from home.

Casandra 041 787 6855 / or via Health Concepts